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Silk twill

Size 160cm x 20cm

Hand finished

Made and packaged in Italy


  • The scarf you have chosen is called NCIGNA'. This composition comes from the combination of two historically very distant concepts: the geometric mosaics of the houses of Pompeii and drawings in the optical art style. Optical art is an artistic movement born around the 1960s and developed in the 1970s. The aim of optical art is mainly to generate optical illusions. Pompeii was an ancient city, corresponding to the current Pompeii, whose history began in the 9th century BC and ended in 79 AD, when an eruption of Vesuvius buried the settlement under a blanket of ash and lava fragments around 6 metres high. The pattern, inspired by Pompeian mosaics and optical art, primarily features black and white, with the addition of grey tones. In order for this combination to work, the designs maintain an extremely geometric style, but are not static, thanks to optical style features and the three-dimensionality of certain elements that recall the geometric floor decorations of the dwellings of Pompeii.


    NCIGNA' is a product in 100% silk twill, made and packaged in Italy.

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