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Something that never dies...this is the meaning attributed to the Latin word

"a-mors". Providing, according to some, the etymology of the word "amore".

Our flaming heart wants to express just that: 

our unending devotion to Essere.


There is a girl who loves to draw.
She is inspired by her land, by the mosaic flooring of Pompeii and Neapolitan playing cards. She transfers her sketches to her Mac and reworks them, blending tradition and innovation.

Her heart takes her to Sardinia, and the motifs of the Sardinian tapestries feed her creativity. And, over time, an idea takes shape: her sketches are transformed into scarves. Silk becomes the canvas for her drawings and, closing her eyes, she imagines the day she will be able to wear them. She constructs, deconstructs and adjusts, but is never satisfied: there is still something missing, her idea can still be improved. The years pass and the scarves remain in their secret treasure chest along with her unfulfilled dream.

They seem to have been left behind when, one evening, she decides to show them to a friend. And, with her help, finally their beauty sees the light of day and the Essere project is born.

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