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Essere è Passione, passioe per quello che facciamo, non a cao il nostro simbolo identificatvo è un cuore ex-voto

There is a girl who loves to draw.
She is inspired by her land, by the mosaic flooring of Pompeii and Neapolitan playing cards. She transfers her sketches to her Mac and reworks them, blending tradition and innovation.

Her heart takes her to Sardinia, and the motifs of the Sardinian tapestries feed her creativity. And, over time, an idea takes shape: her sketches are transformed into scarves. Silk becomes the canvas for her drawings and, closing her eyes, she imagines the day she will be able to wear them. She constructs, deconstructs and adjusts, but is never satisfied: there is still something missing, her idea can still be improved. The years pass and the scarves remain in their secret treasure chest along with her unfulfilled dream.

They seem to have been left behind when, one evening, she decides to show them to a friend. And, with her help, finally their beauty sees the light of day and the Essere project is born.

Essere è made in Italy, co un occhio di riguardo alla qualità e ricerca





Elvira del Monaco, graphic designer e art directordi essere

Elvira del Monaco

"I would rather die of passion than of boredom"

Vincent van Gogh

A passion for art, drawing and visual communication has accompanied me throughout my life, becoming the main focus of my studies, during which I had the opportunity to learn from teachers and professionals from all over the world.

After graduation, I started working as a graphic designer for both communication agencies and companies. During this period, a passion for fashion that I had carried inside me from childhood, but that seemed to have waned without my noticing, came back to the forefront. 

So I started doing sketches inspired by the symbols of Italian folk traditions. After moving to Sardinia, I added another element that characterises my pieces: Sardinian tapestries.

From the blending together of these concepts, and meeting my friends Sara and Fabio, Essere s.r.l.s. was created, along with the first Essere Style collection: scarves, ties and bow ties in silk, exclusively made in Italy.

Sara Pitzoi, socia fonatrice di Essere

Sara Pitzoi

"We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep."

William Shakespeare

Dark-haired, proud, strong, tenacious, indomitable and independent.
I am passionate about the beauty in life, fascinated by art, and I believe in good. My rare smiles come from the heart. 

I am curious about what I don't know, I like to take care and attention over what is important to me, and I believe that in life you can always improve.
My background is in economic studies and I run a family business that deals with corporate image. I knew Elvira through work, and one day she showed me her drawings. Years of inspiration transformed into drawings and stored on a PC captured my attention and enthusiasm.
That's how, one evening at my house, the ESSERE (literally: to exist, to be) project was born: to give life to the inspiration conjured up by our wonderful Italy, and translate it into refined artisan products of quality.

Fabio Columbano, socio fondatore di Essere

Fabio Columbano

At 20 years of age, having secured a position with the municipality, I thought I would be a civil servant for the rest of my life - the secure job that is the dream of many Italians, as portrayed in numerous books and films.
After turning 30 I realised that it was not for me... I resigned and started out on a new path as a labour consultant. At 35, a new love affair with training began. Why do people in Italy stop learning when they start working? And yet it is a well-known fact that the well-being of any nation is closely related to the education of its population.
So this passion became my new job, with the foundation of a training agency.

And now this new and fascinating adventure with Essere: spreading the beauty of Made in Italy products around the world.

"La vita è quello che ti accade mentre sei occupato a fare altri progetti"

John Lennon

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