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Silk twill

Size 90cm x 90cm

Hand-stitched hem

Made and packaged in Italy



    Swords, cups, coins and clubs - these are the traditional suits of Italian playing cards. They evoke the magic of long winter afternoons spent with grandparents. A deck of cards and endless challenges to another hand next to the cosy hearth. Playing cards, entertainment for the masses par excellence, are strongly linked to folklore and tradition in Italy. Bergamo, Bologna, Treviso and Naples, the list is long: each area of the country has its own version of the suits. Forty rectangles, each with its own image, that can mean defeat or victory. This is where we took inspiration for our "Carte" (cards) series of scarves.



    They were called Mamluks, they were soldiers in the service of the Abassid caliphs, and it was thanks to them that the predecessors of modern playing cards came to Europe. The "denari", or coins, suit already existed at the end of the XIV century, derived from a pentacle within a circle. It represents wealth, success, opportunity and the improvements arising from meritocracy. Denari is our scarf in silk twill featuring warm yellow tones.


    DENARI is a product in 100% silk twill, made and packaged in Italy.

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