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Silk twill

Size 90cm x 90cm

Hand-stitched hem

Made and packaged in Italy


SKU: 0002

    They wove in their homes, in the light and shade of a small room, through long winter nights. Tireless, generous, creative. Custodians of a skill learned from their mothers and grandmothers. The Sardinian weavers, bent over their looms, weaving threads and colours into beautiful tapestries. It is thanks to them that an art that has become the heritage of an entire island has been preserved and passed down. Our Telai (looms) series of scarves is dedicated to these women.


    The white, black and red of the costumes. Proud dancers holding hands. A circle that rotates to the notes of an accordion. And then the couples who take turns to break off for their individual performances. "Su ballu tundu" is the traditional Sardinian dance that accompanies joyful celebrations. Wear our Ballu Tundu silk scarf to celebrate one of your joyful occasions.

    BALLU TUNDU is a product in 100% silk twill, made and packaged in Italy.

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